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5 Reasons You Should Consume Fish Oil

5 Reasons You Should Consume Fish Oil

Fish oil is a type of oil that is derived from the tissues of oily fish. The best source of fish oil are mackerel, tuna, salmon, halibut etc. these are the fish that contain maximum amount of omega 3 fatty acids and are the best source of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These elements help your body to fight against different kind of disease and keep healthy your heart. EPA and DHA are two types of fatty acids that are naturally found in oily fish. Although a human body doesn’t produce omega 3 fatty acids but are very essential in order to fight against different disease and to keep you healthy. Therefore you have to take these elements from external sources like different fish, plants or herbs. You must add omega 3 fatty acids in your daily diet do be healthy and fit. Fish oil is most often used in conditions related to heart and it has potential to treat heart disease effectively even patient with heart disease responds well when they are being asked to consume omega 3 fatty acids by the doctors. Here we are going to discuss about the 5 reasons that why should you consume fish oil and what are the benefits of this oil.


1. Fish Oil Improves your immune system:

Regular intake of omega 3 fatty acids can improve your immune system significantly. Your immune system helps your body to fight against different kinds of viral and bacterial attacks and any external attack that may affect your body. Your immune system is the major system without it you can fight against any kind of disease whether it is cancer or a small cold. So the better your immune system is the better you will be able to fight against those attacks.

fish oil2. Fish oil can help you look younger:

Consumption of omega 3 fatty acids may help reduce your signs of aging. In today’s era no one want to look older than that of their actual age but in some cases even younger person shows signs of aging. Consumption of omega 3 acids can help you with it and you will no longer look older than your actual age.

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3. Help you fight against different kinds of malady:

As discussed above regular intake of omega 3 fatty acids improves your immune system and this is the reason why you being able to fight against different maladies. It helps you fight against cancer, depression, eczema, diabetes, anxiety and may other diseases.

4. Bone support:

As you get older your bones also get thinner and weaker, therefore in order to get your bones stronger you should add omega 3 fatty acids in your regular diet that will surely help you with your bones.

depression5. Helps you get out of depression:

It can help you get out of depression. Many other studies have also shown that omega 3 fatty acids with higher amount of EPA and DHA can help you get out of depression. In fact a study conducted by the journal Nutritional Neuroscience concluded that there was a 40% decrease in major depression disorder symptoms those who regularly consumed omega 3 acids.