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What is the relation between fish oil and thyroid medication?

What is the relation between fish oil and thyroid medication?

Fish-Oil-For-Underactive-ThyroidMost of you people will familiar with thyroid problem as this is very popular health issue nowadays. Abnormal functioning of the thyroid gland which presents in our neck can lead to the thyroid problem. Thyroid gland actually produces some hormones which help in controlling the body metabolism or the process by which body uses energy.  High level of thyroid hormones can cause weight gain while a low level of thyroid hormones can cause weight loss.

There are the number of medications as well as natural ingredients that can manage the thyroid problem. What do you think about fish oil and thyroid medications? Is there any relation between fish oil and thyroid medications? If you have the same questions, this article is for you. Read this article carefully and you will get your all answers.

Fish Oil and Thyroid Treatment

fish oil2Fish oil is the oily part of the fish which you can easily get from eating fish or taking fish oil supplements. Fish oil is high in nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acids that may help in brain development. Fish oil gives benefits from a healthy heart to lowering the blood pressure and reducing the effects of inflammation on the blood vessels.

It is recommended to take omega 3 fatty acids for thyroid patients. There are actually two reasons for taking omega 3 fatty acids for managing thyroid problem. The first reason is that these fatty acids protect the thyroid gland and may reduce the severity of hypothyroidism. The second reason is that the deficiency of the fatty acids which is very common today can interfere with a normal nervous system and brain function. This will result in depression and poor concentration. These symptoms are common in hyperthyroidism and in thyroid hormone resistance patient. It is true that providing adequate thyroid hormone regulation is vital for thyroid patients but for relieving the depression and poor memory, you can’t overemphasize the importance of omega 3 fatty acids in patients. Fish oil is the greatest source of omega 3 fatty acids so, fish are classified as the best foods for managing thyroid oil and thyroid

When fish oil flips to your thyroid switch, it will crank up your metabolism. Put another way, fish oil also boosts your thyroid hormones within your liver cells to burn fat. When your liver cells have an adequate amount of essential fatty acids, thyroid hormones work much more effectively at burning fat. This especially becomes important if you have hypothyroidism when your thyroid produce an inadequate amount of thyroid hormones.

Thyroid Medications

THYROID-MEDICATIONSIf you have a thyroid problem, you should consult your doctor. Your doctor can diagnose hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism by treating the levels of hormones in your blood. After identifying your problem, he/ she will prescribe you the thyroid medications named as levothyroxine. It is the generic name of the synthetic form of thyroxin, a thyroid hormone replacement drug. This drug actually contains the synthetic form of one thyroid hormone named as T4. Levothyroxine is the most commonly prescribed thyroid hormone replacement drug.

Relation Between Fish Oil and Thyroid Medications

 You might be thinking that what I want to say by giving your information regarding fish oil and the most common thyroid medication –levothyroxine. This is because I am going to tell you the relation between fish oil and thyroid medications. It is recommended that if you are taking levothyroxine for thyroid hormones, talk with your doctor before taking fish oil to treat your conditions. Your doctor will tell you about the appropriate treatment for your hypothyroidism. Well, there is no interactions between levothyroxine and fish oil but sometimes, taking fish oil and thyroid medications together can cause side effects.

fish pillsLevothyroxine interacts with minerals such as iron, calcium, and magnesium which can lower the activity of thyroid medicine. So, avoid the foods which contain the excess amount of calcium, iron and magnesium. If you want to take fish oil to get the maximum benefits of omega 3 fatty acids, take it regularly and you can also take thyroid medications, levothyroxine with fish oil supplements. It will not harm your body mechanism.  But never remember to consult with your doctor first because only a right treatment option can help you in managing the thyroid problem effectively. Now, you have understood the relation between fish oil and thyroid medications as well as the benefits and uses of fish oil and thyroid medications.